International calls
Call family and friends at low rates
Offline connection
Make calls to landline phones
No contracts
Easy contacts import
No new SIM cards
Good connection quality
Our tariffs
Standard Office Premium
Call record Yes (200Mb) Yes (2Gb) Yes (4Gb)
Technical support (24/7) No Yes Yes
Going into negative balance No Yes Yes
Hiding a number No Yes Yes
Favorite numbers No Yes (3) Yes (5)
Internal lines in PBX 5 20 50
API access No No Yes
Improving the quality of communication No No Yes
Our benefits
  • Save your money on other things, with the low prices of Wkontakcie.
  • Offline connection. Forget about searching for Wi-Fi!
  • Contacts import: your contacts — in your Wkontakcie.
  • Wallet control: replenish your Wkontakcie wallet if needed.
  • Everything is ready to use, all you need is to install the app and that's it!
  • Simplicity — the person you are calling doesn't need to have Wkontakcie installed!
  • Actualization — we always update and improve our services.
  • No limits: make calls to mobile and landline phones.
  • User-friendly interface + modern design = perfect combination!
  • New communication format: international long-distance calls are now more affordable!
  • No contracts, no new SIM cards, no phone number changes.
  • International connection — call any person in the world!
  • 24/7 Technical support. We will answer any questions about Wkontakcie.
  • FREE: install the application, use technical support, talk for the first 10 minutes!
Find out the tariffs
Country Mobile Landline
Bahamas 0.26 EUR/min 0.26 EUR/min
Equatorial Guinea 0.48 EUR/min 0.48 EUR/min
Gibraltar 0.15 EUR/min 0.15 EUR/min
Russia 0.04 EUR/min 0.05 EUR/min
Kiribati 1.79 EUR/min 1.79 EUR/min

All countries
How it works?

Wkontakcie is a multifunctional service. And the additional feature is making calls without installing the app. If you urgently need to call someone from another's person phone without the app, then this connectivity feature is very profitable and fast!

We have a step-by-step instruction on how to call someone

  • You need to dial the access phone number, which is a number of our server. You can find the correct one under the instructions;
  • After a short signal you need to select the keyboard, if it's a mobile device,or you can dial the complete phone number you want to call without "+" or "00";
  • Dial the correct number and "#" at the end. That's it, you are connected to the target number!

Also, that is not the only useful feature of Wkontakcie, if you don't have the app installed on your phone. We extended the functionality our service. You can save on your device the combined numbers (service number + destination number). This is convenient for making fast calls, so you don't have to dial the full number every time.

The number format should be as follows:

+(server number)P(target number)#

You can find the instructions for the Pause input method (P) below:

Android - Click/Tap and hold * before the comma or P appears
iPhone - Click/Tap and hold * before the comma appears
Samsung - Click/Tap and hold * before the comma or P appears
Blackberry - Click/Tap and hold * before the comma or P appears
LG - Click/Tap and hold # before the comma or P appears